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       We are heavily influenced by the ideas behind Reggio Emilia classrooms, Maria Montessori's ingenious studies and the holistic, whole child approach of Waldorf schools.


       Beyond that, we believe that our philosophy could be summed up in a single phrase: listen to children. Children are guided by an internal desire and attraction to learning. Every one of their actions is deliberate and meaningful. 

       As educators we set the stage. Rules and rituals help children feel safe and comfortable and come to understand the school as a new type of meeting point. We provide materials to help children deepen and widen their curiosities and engage with the students from a place of authentic care and curiosity. 


       Early childhood is the first time for many children to learn what it is to be in a group, and the revelations and new genres of feelings that emerge as a result of this experience are some of the most glorious in the days of education as a whole. Lev Vygotsky's studies on the role of social interaction in learning are on full display in the early childhood classroom. Learning happens in a social context, all learning, and as bonds deepen within a group a family emerges. This family is a foundation for culture moving forwards. 


      Children also learn through making and doing. They need to touch, taste, feel, grasp and experience directly, and ceramics is an excellent tool and also wonderful visualization of transformation (the magic of opening the kiln!) that we can use to help us on our way. Paper mâché, play dough, mud, fabric, beans. All of these materials will act as a medium for a child to understand and engage with the world.   


      We aim to introduce students to narrative, to the world of symbols, to the world around us all in equal measures. When they are ready we teach letters, literary concepts, basic mathematical principles and scientific ways of thinking. We want children to have all the doors open for them. Language unlocks so many doors around us, gives us so many ways to understand ourselves and the rest, well is that what art is for?


     Finally, and most importantly, we need children to experience joy, real joy, when they are learning. Learning is something you never leave behind. The joy of learning is one that is so precious, so meaningful and so important. If we can leave your child with one thing, it is to wake up, wondering what will happen next.  



Meet the Team 


Allison Bosworth founded the school in 2020. She has a degree in Digital Media and Learning Theories from NYU and a Dual Masters in Education and Early Childhood Education from Bank Street (Expected January 2025). 


Delaney Lee is a director and teacher at Patterns as well as being a fine art painter. Delaney has experience teaching and designing curriculum for a dual-language French School in California. Delaney has a keen interest in the development of children and in creating comprehensive, intentional environments and practices in the Early Childhood setting. 

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Rohana Lohani-Chase is an incredible teacher, cellist and inspiration and love for and of the students at Patterns. She is completing a Masters in Education from Hunter College and has an undergraduate B.A. from Princeton. 

Grace Lee

Simon Chen 

Kaitlyn Sather



From Parents

" The pedagogical approach of Patterns benefitted my child widely and in such a short amount of time. Being bilingual, he was a little late on his speech development and after just a few weeks at Patterns I could see so much improvement. It put my mind at rest. In addition to that, the support of creative thinking and imaginative play, the kind and nurturing setting and, most important, the respect the teachers have for the children - values that play a huge role in his upbringing, makes me think of Patterns as one of the best decisions I made for my son."

"...The effects of Patterns on my son (who was there full day, 5 days a week) was overwhelmingly positive. He’s such a happy, sociable, and CONFIDENT child. They make each kid feel so loved and special and it’s laid the foundation for a real joy for school and for people. He came home begrudgingly (he never wanted to leave!) usually with some sort of art/craft in tow, demonstrated new songs he’d learned, new play games, and he seriously speaks like a big kid! His pediatrician is super impressed with where he’s at developmentally, which I credit a lot to them. Another thing I really appreciated— the teachers are genuinely excited and proud of your child’s achievements. The love is evident— and this is coming from someone is highly sensitive toward the treatment of their kid. So many times at the end of the day they’re visibly excited to share with you something your kid did that day...What I really liked about the program and about all the teachers is that they’re great at shaping things to follow the lead of the kids. There’s a lot of time in life to be in a strict sterile classroom (or work environment, hah) where you have to keep your head down and work, but not when they’re little! So an environment that caters to the group of kids it serves is a really nice thing. The kids are seriously sooooo sweet and happy there." 

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