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Children's Bed Stuy Book Festival

We are excitedly planning for the Children's Bed Stuy Book Festival. Learning should be authentic, active, situated, experiential and anchored (Mattar, 2017) and this event represents an attempt to check off all these boxes, and just be fun.

The children know that they are preparing their work that will be seen by their families and by people in their community. This is doubly beneficial in the sense that it binds them more to their work and binds them more as a community.

We have gotten partners from Brooklyn Book Bodega who will be doing a book giveaway, Stories of a Colorful World, Laurent Flechoux, a local baker, and will be featuring Daniel O'Brien, a local author.

All children are invited to bring their books, with or without their respective learning groups. As the event is designed to be outdoors we can create a safe space during this pandemic to also community build.

We hope to see you there!

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